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You are all but happy with putting in a lot of labor in your move and want to enjoy each and every moment you spend with your packing boxes! Are you wary of driving the truck? If this is the scenario that you fit into then it is better to opt for the self service moving. Self service moving is a tailor made moving service that neither takes away the thrill of the move nor let’s a person get overburdened with the task of transporting their goods. Self service moving companies can be the best option for the people who want to do all the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking while the moving company takes care of transporting the goods to their new location.

In case of the full service movers, the moving companies take the entire responsibility of the move. This includes the packing of the goods, loading term on to the tucks and also unloading or unpacking the goods. The only thing that the customer has to worry about is the timely payment. On the other hand a self service moving company would only restrict their services to providing the self service moving trucks. These self service moving companies cater to their needs of the people who want to get an economic move. Going for this service definitely saves quite some dollars for you but here are also a lot of takers for this service.

There are two different types of self service move- One in which you have to pack all your household goods and then load them onto the trucks or trailer to be taken to your new destination. The second one is a service in which you would have to pack in all your household goods in the special types of containers that are provided by the self service moving companies. The containers are picked up by the moving companies and are dropped at the said location.

The payment for eh services also vary because in the first case you are hiring a blank trailer so, you pay fore the space that is occupied by your goods. You pay on the basis of the cubic feet of space used or linear feet. Now, if you are going to take the special containers for use then you have to pay on the basis of the number of containers that you use. The payment in this case also depends on the mileage that you are goods are going to travel. For the second service the companies can even use the trailer for carrying goods of as many customers as they want.

You need to get complete account of the services from the companies that you would approach for the services. It is not necessary that the pricing structure remains the same as I have mentioned and can vary according to the companies. Moving is a complex job and involves a lot of things like packing and loading and unloading. So it is better to let the companies handle these specialized jobs. However self service moving will always be the favorite of the people who love to use their hands to pick up boxes rather than counting the dollars for payment.

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