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Moving Check List - An Important Moving Tool

Moving is the most difficult task that I had ever taken in my life (yes even tougher than my trekking and mountain climbing missions). I had to under take a lot of hassles in order to get all my household items loaded on the truck and shifted to my new residence. Yes, I know it was a long journey but believe me I barely stopped my move from being turned into a complete disaster.

This was possible just because of the last minute moving check list that I drafted. Now, moving check lists is the written document that contains all the details of the things that we need to take care of at the time of moving. This is drafted in order to make the move even more organized and hassle free. Apart from the check list the services of house moving companies are also necessary to make your move a success. Moving companies are the professional companies that handle all the aspects of a move.

The job of organizing everything pertaining to the move becomes easier with the help of a check list for moving. Here is how you can draft a check list:

a) First you need to jot down the moving details by taking into consideration the complete picture of the move. This means that you have to draft a checklist that is not broken down into smaller details but only contains the broader details of the moving. Firstly make the inventory chart for all the rooms in the house. Now pack in only the essential items that are to be unpacked on the day of arrival. You may have to sell away a few items so make a list of the items that you may have to see. There may also be the items that you need to put in the storage, so get the names of these items on paper. Keep away the paper in a place where it is not touched by others. You also have the complete liberty to add the items that you feel were left out.

b) In the second phase of the moving house check list you need to subdivide the list into its finer details. You have to take care of the facts like transferring of the bank records, transferring the school records of your child, pay all the bills hat are due. Check list when moving for the final time so that you do not miss out on any details. Get the travelers check and notify your personal physician, gym, personal trainers etc. for change in address.

c) The final check list for moving out should contain the last minute moving details like the packing of the goods that would be handled by the family members, the goods that are essential like the office files and documents. You need to double check all the details before finally locking the door behind you. The final list should also contain the names of the items that are to be loaded in an orderly fashion on the moving truck.

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